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READ THE AUTHOR'S DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTINGI decided to just upload this now and get it over with. Characters involved are Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Cartman, Wendy, and Bebe. Also, I promise there will be a revamp of this with new drawings/graphics in the future.

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I'm not yet finished with the new graphics, so PLEASE don't complain about the sucky drawings - I know they are sucky, and I know I can draw better than that now. I was playing this a few minutes ago, and I took the quiz in here that I made, and I failed it.

Which <em>South</em> <em>Park</em> character are you? - Quibblo!

Which South Park character are you? - Quibblo!

Not saying I draw well, just saying that I've improved since when I last drew this... So hopefully you'll enjoy this crappy game Oh, and the loading bar is being stupid.

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This is just a simple, completed dating sim of South Park.South Park Game - Earn Rewards & In-Game Content Ubisoft US

South park dating quiz:

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